Our goal is simple, bring our style and design to your needs in an effort to create functional pieces of art for your home.

We specialize in bringing color, texture and style to your residential project using both reclaimed materials with decades of time worn character as well fresh milled lumber, metals & more.
From kitchen tables to entire kitchen makeovers, basement bars to basement build outs, accent walls to sliding barn doors, custom sized shelves to custom built-in shelves, if you’re looking to add to or remodel parts or all of your home with well built and stylish furniture and fixtures, we want to help!

Our Residential Work Includes

Salvaged Crafts Barn Yard Mix


Accent Walls
We use a range of materials including authentic barn wood, hand “aged” fresh lumber, custom finished cedar and even treated metals and more to create accent walls that can both compliment and define a space.


Custom Sliding Barn Door By Salvaged Crafts


Custom Doors
Using many of the same materials we feature in our custom walls, often combined with steel framework and detailed hardware, we create custom sliding and hinged entry doors that are as functional as they are beautiful.


Custom Built-in Shelves by Salvaged Crafts


Custom Shelves
We make standalone, bolt-to-wall and built in custom shelves of all sizes and styles.  We have built steel pipe work frames with oak shelves, reclaimed wood built ins, square steel tube construction standalones, floating shelves, hanging shelves and more.


Reclaimed Wood Table by Salvaged Crafts


Custom Furniture
Beyond our catalog, we offer custom furniture design utilizing the materials and style we’ve become known for.  A blend of rustic, industrial, mid century and modern, we can adapt our pieces to look good in a farmhouse or a city loft and anywhere in between.



From custom creations to just some solid advice & recommendations for your space, we’d love to help anyway we can.
Contact us here or give us a call at 224 353 3006 with your inquiries.

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