Reclamation Services

We reclaim wood & materials from old barns, buildings, homes and structures located all over the US, and particularly in the Midwest.   In most cases, our services are free of charge and in exchange for the reclaimable materials we provide full site clean up down to foundation level.  For particularly large, easily processed or more bountiful structures we sometimes even offer cash compensation.

Our goals are simple, preserve the history of the craftsmen before us, promote the use of reclaimed materials for both the creative values and serviceable functionality while keeping as much unnecessary waste out of landfills as possible.

What We’re Looking For

We want to reclaim your structures made from old growth lumber, aged tin, vintage hardware & anything like that.  If you have an original barn or particularly old house on your property that you’re looking to have removed, we want to hear about it.  Doing a gut rehab in an old Chicago building?  We want to hear about it.  If you have an inventory of old lumber, materials, hardware, knick knacks or even collectibles, we probably want to hear about it!  So if you think you have something good, let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  My barn/building/structure has seen better days and recently a portion of the roof and/or wall collapsed.  Would you still be interested?
A.  Short answer, Yes!  But as always we need to review each situation individually and factors like distance, remaining value of structure & current schedule weigh heavily among other variables.

Q.  How long does something like this take from contact to completion?
A.  Depending on the needs of the client, we can arrange to be out on site in as quickly as a week, but typically we like to schedule 4-8 weeks in advance to arrange for all equipment, waste removal and transportation.  Once on site, our crews work quickly to dismantle your old structure completing entire barns within days and larger or more complex structures typically within a week.

Q.  My barn/building/structure has rotted heavily and/or is full of a lot of junk?  Would you still be interested?
A.  While we frequently work closely with both fields, we are not a demolition or waste removal service, as such we do not accept to reclaim every proposal submitted.  If the conditions of the structure are particularly poor or there is an excessive beyond reasonable amount of waste to be processed along side it, chances are we will choose to pass.  As always, if you aren’t sure of your structures reclamation value, we suggest you submit your information here and we can let you know!

Q.  My barn/building/structure is large/tall, are you equipped to handle such a task?
A.  We use the necessary equipment to get the job done both safely and efficiently.   Each job dictates whether that will be telescopic fork lifts, heavy cranes or just good ol’ fashion man power.

Q.  I have a bunch of old material already down, would you have any interest in that?
Yes, we do occasionally purchase “lots” of reclaimed materials already processed, but please keep in mind we are a business and as such can only pay wholesale rates.  Submit your material lists here.

Are you insured for this kind of work?

A.  Yes, we are fully insured as a business for operation in material reclamation.