Accent Walls & Ceilings

What is an Accent Wall?

Accent Walls help break up the monotony of a single colored room and even one reimagined wall can completely transform a space with warmth, color and style.  Whether you just want to add a single wall feature to cast contrast on the other walls, or even install any of our various materials to all your walls, you can really change the dynamic of a room from bland and boring to comfortable and inviting.

What about an Accent Ceiling?

Much the same as an accent wall, an accent ceiling takes the feel of a room and completely transforms it.  Often centered, trimmed out and even dropped down or sunken in, an accent ceiling can add depth to an otherwise flat surface.  The texture and layering of each board creates a rustic vibe often associated with old and cozy places like a vintage farmhouse or an aged cabin and you can capture that aesthetic in the clean and comfortable environment of your own home or business.

What kind of materials are used?

We use all sorts of materials to achieve the many styles and looks we create.  This often includes hand picked barn wood and reclaimed lumber often over 100  years old from barns and buildings all over the US.   We also work fresh milled lumber that is made to either look aged, old and worn or just stained, painted and finished in any color and texture you could imagine.  We even offer “Shou Sugi Ban”, or fire treated wood, for its unique characteristics and style.

More about Accent Walls & Ceilings

From rich natural browns and aged grays to barnyard reds and weather washed whites, we can utilize either old reclaimed boards or fresh milled lumber to achieve any color and texture you desire.

We stock 1000’s of feet of reclaimed lumber in numerous colors, sizes and textures all of which can then be modified through milling, surfacing and finishing to your specifications.  Whether we install it for you or just supply you the goods, let us be your source for the best materials and prices available!

Still on the fence?
Come take a look at all the sample accent walls we have installed at our shop before you take the plunge!

Our professional installers have created countless variations of barn wood & reclaimed walls since we started offering them and will gladly install your new wall, walls or ceiling quickly, cleanly and professionally!

We can create virtually any look you want, but some of our house colors are shown below.

Salvaged Crafts Barn Yard Mix Accent Wall
Salvaged Crafts Barn Yard Mix Accent Wall
Natural Old Growth Accent Wall
Natural Old Growth Accent Wall
Weathered Gray Accent Wall
Weathered Gray Accent Wall
Aged White Wash Accent Wall
Aged White Wash Accent Wall

While we wanted to make sure we standardized some of our versions of the classics, the color, style and combinations we can build your new wall in are endless.  Whether it’s something you’ve seen and want replicated, something you dreamed up and need brought to life or just want us to help you create something unique, we can achieve the look you want!

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